okay. I have 4 songs for my project so far. I’m proud of myself, I didn’t think I could do this.

  • Ohio - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  • White Riot - The Clash 
  • Police & Thieves - The Clash 
  • Zombie - The Cranberries 

and I think I’ll probably need maybe seven songs to get full credit on this, but the least amount of songs you can have is five. and I’m brushing up on the actual information for the New York Draft Riots of 1863, so I can somehow connect these songs in some aspects.

  1. samthomasisanasshole said: Here’s what I would use: 1. Dead Kennedys: “Riot” 2. Dead Kennedys: “When Ya Get Drafted” 3. Discharge: “War is Hell” (or if you know your teacher is libertarian, “State Violence State Control” 4. Crass: “Fight War, Not Wars” 5. Rage Against the Machine: “Know Your…
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